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Lindsey graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork in Grafton, WI.

Lindsey’s passion for Cranial Sacral Therapy began when she wanted to find solutions for her son through his Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Knowing that she needed to help and support her son as well as so many  others and their families who live with the everyday challenges. Her love and passion have always been to better accommodate and search for more affective therapies for those who truly need the endless benefits different massage techniques possess.

Lindsey also discovered using Reiki alongside Cranial Sacral Therapy provided therapy for individuals who had a strong intolerance to touch. These two therapies when brought together can have a profound effect on the body’s senses and nervous system.  

Lindsey brings an eagerness to continue to learn and grow in her profession. She enjoys working closely with individuals with special needs / disabilities and their families.


Cranial Sacral Therapy
A gentle , noninvasive form of massage that focuses mainly on the head, spinal cord, and sacrum areas of the body. Proven to improve the function of your Nervous System, relieve pain and stress, and improve mobility.

A Japanese technique to reduce stress and improve relaxation as well as healing throughout the body. This type of therapy improves flow and balance of energy, increases white blood cell production, calms the mind, provides deep relaxation, boosts intuition and creativity, improves sleep, and balances emotions.

Swedish Massage
One of the most well-known massages for relaxation. Benefits include pain management, increased blood flow, rehabilitation for muscle injuries, increased flexibility (helps prevent injuries), reduces stress, improve immune system function, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation.